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Windsor Chairmaker

Chairmaker, designer, woodworker, artisan, instructor and craftsman.


When people step into Glen's workshop there is a sense of tradition, authenticity and the feeling that here is a place that you will find craftsmanship in the real true sense.


Traditional tools that have the patina that is only achieved because they have been in use for decades (some of Glen's draw knives that he uses date back to the 1830's), beautiful coils of oak and elm cover the workshop floor, chairs and perches stand whilst their painted and oiled finishes dry - some with up to eight layers of paint and oil to achieve a specific finish, requested by a customer.  A rocking chair that is perfectly balanced, will gently and seemlessly rock for a minute with a single push, waits to be initialled and stamped with the name and birth date of the new baby it has been crafted for.  There are cabinets and shelves filled with beautiful spoke shaves, drawer knives, hand planes and chisels - it is all about the tools - there are no machines, no industrial noise, the result that Glen achieves in each 'bespoke' piece that leaves his workshop is true handcrafted beauty. 


Glen has had over two decades experience in pursuing the 'art of handmade'. He started out as a plumbers apprentice over 30 years ago - back when you actually learned the skills of tinsmithing; fast forward through various other hands on careers and jobs, Glen travelled to the US to learn the art of American Windsor Chairmaking; training with two of the the best chairmakers in America, one traditional and one contemporary.  Glen returned on both occasions to Australia to pursue chairmaking full time; no tables, sideboards, cabinets or other furniture - just chairs.


Glen's focussed approach to chairmaking - and chairmaking alone, has earned him the reputation as one of the countries most sought after chairmakers; his chairs, settees, barstools and beautifully crafted rocking chairs are sought after by private collectors and discerning buyers both in Australia and overseas. His clients understand these chairs will out-live them and are an investment, an heirloom piece that will be passed down through generations to come. 


Glen Rundell works and teaches from his workshop in Kyneton, Victoria and also travels to teach interstate and internationally.  His time in the U.S. taught him not only how to craft a beautiful chair, but how important it was to pass this knowledge onto others. Glen's workshop classes are small - but each person takes a beautifully handcrafted, heirloom quality chair home with them at the end of the workshop. Some say that it has been the hardest they have worked, others say that it is their proudest achievement, for everyone, they appreciated the time, the sweat and the skill it takes to make something truly hand made.  


Glen takes commissions for chairs, and each piece is is made over the following months, each with careful consultation with the client, it is after all a truly bespoke, hand crafted chair; it is individual, unique, made to last - and the only one of its kind in the world.


Glen is contactable via email:     IG: @glenrundellchairmaker


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