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FIND inspiration at the LOST TRADES FAIRTM 

The Lost Trades Fair was born on the principle that people are fascinated when artisans and craftspeople openly demonstrate their skills and share their knowledge. The Lost Trades Fair is an opportunity to meet real makers - learn how things are made, see, hear, touch and experience craftsmanship, skill, artistry and talk with the makers themselves about what they do. It is a Fair like no other, it is about the masters of their trades, what they make, it is a weekend not to be missed. 

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The Lost Trades artisans collective leave their workshops and gather each year to celebrate what they do with like-minded artisans and professional craftspeople.  These incredibly skilled career makers come together to demonstrate their trades and share their knowledge. The first Lost Trades Fair was held in 2014 to showcase traditional, rare and unusual arts and trades and actively promotes the artisans who practise these skills. The Fair is now a recognised event on the international calendar and is now held each year. The event was created for traditional makers and tradespeople who are working (or have worked) at their traditional trade as their career. More than 200 artisans have been a part of the eleven fairs to date and have shared their skills with over 150,000 visitors since the fair began. 

Why we established the Lost Trades Fair 

The Fair celebrates the art of skilled manual work and ancient and traditional trades and crafts, their special tools, traditions, languages and secrets which are now threatened by mass produced products in our modern society.  Our aim is to unite people that still have these skills and reignite the significance that these trades and crafts have in todays environment, setting them on a steady path for the future, before they are lost to history.

Why 'Lost' - because these skills have been unable to find a clearly defined path in these commercially driven times; our hope is that that we can showcase and promote these trades and develop a new path for the incredibly skilled and passionate people that continue to practise these trades. The Fair provides a platform for all rare, unusual and traditional trades and builds a connection between the people that practise them with those that would love to learn and have found it hard to find these skills in Australia.


Lost Trades Australia has been founded to act as a guardian to these trades; we hope that by uniting traditional crafters specialising in field and workshop crafts that we can inspire the next generation to embrace these skills and develop an interest or even a career a traditional trade.