The Artisans Store

29 Piper Street, Kyneton 3444 - VICTORIA

HOURS: THUR - 11am - 3pm  / FRI - SUN 11am - 4pm; or by appointment 

Set in one of Piper Streets original goldrush buildings, Lost Trades: The Artisans Store is a reflection of a traditional trading store, an atelier of bespoke wares and finely made traditional goods, the majority handcrafted by the artisans from the Lost Trades Fair, the store is a gallery showcasing their work and traditional wares.  


Windsor chairs and perch stools sit amongst hand crafted goods from local artisans, leather bags, wallets, chopping boards, glassware, jewellery, textiles, knives and woodworking tools ; traditional millet brooms from Tumut in country NSW demonstrate the craftsmanship in something so commonplace. Hand forged axes from two of Swedens oldest forges, Gransfors Bruk and Hultafors (forging for over 300 years).  Traditional gardening tools from family owned toolmakers DeWit in Holland, carving knives for spoon and bowl carving by Swedish makers MORA and fine tomahawks and folding knives by Karasuendo (Sweden / Lapland) are all available in store and online. 

We showcase work by local artisans that are part of the growing 'Lost Trades' guild of makers, establishing a new following for those wanting authentic, unique and beautifully crafted goods. We are all about championing the makers. Where tradition and quality is paramount. International brands stocked: Axes: Gransfors Bruks (Sweden), Hultafors (Sweden); DeWit (Holland); Knives: Mora (Sweden) and Karasuendo (Lapland); Brushware Berlin (Germany); Creamore Mill  & Nutscene  (UK).   ​

ADDRESS:          29 Piper Street, Kyneton, Victoria 

SHOP HOURS:   TRADING:  Thursday 11.00am ~ 3.00pm

                         Friday - Saturday - Sunday  11.00am ~ 4.00pm    

ONLINE SHOP : click through at the menu bar to shop online 

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