NOTE :: Classes March - October cancelled due to Covid-19 Restrictions    ​

Classes are held at our workshop in the beautiful town of Kyneton in Victoria's Central Highlands. Classes include GST and all your materials.  

To book a place on a class  follow the link below for a selection of workshops - you may also email to be wait-listed for courses that are fully booked or notified if a place becomes available. Gift Certificates for classes are available .

Windsor Chairmaking Workshops with Glen Rundell :



Perch Stool Workshop ::  20 - 22 April 2020  :: POSTPONED

A 'Perch' is a beautifully crafted three legged stool. During the Perch Stool workshop you will spend time on a wood lathe and learn to turn legs and stretchers, you will learn to use a wide range of traditional hand tools to carve out the seat including scorps, travishers and spokeshaves. On the final day - you will assemble your perch stool, glue up and finish detailing your stool ready to take home. No prior experience is necessary. 

Hand crafted in three consecutive days / approx 24 - 27 hours.

Cost: $750  (image 3).  

Sackback or 'Double Bow' Armchair  :: 14 - 20 September 2020  ::  POSTPONED

The Sackback or "Double Bow" Windsor chair is a seven day workshop. You will begin the workshop by learning how to make spindles on a shavehorse using drawer knives and spoke shaves. The crest rail and arm rails are carved and steambent around hand made jigs. You will learn seat carving using traditional hand tools, scorpes, travishers, drawer knives and spoke shaves. At the completion of the seven days, you take home a truly handcrafted heirloom piece of furniture.  (image 1)

Course runs for 7 consecutive days / approx 56 - 60 hours.

Cost: $1750

Fanback Arm-Chair Rocker Workshop :: 10 - 16 October 2020   ::  POSTPONED 

Be a part of this seven day workshop and take home a timeless chair that you have hand crafted over a week. Participants will be taken through traditional processes such as hand carving the seat to steam bending the crest piece and using traditional tools like draw knives, travishers  and spokeshaves. At the completion of this six day workshop you will take home a timeless rocking chair that you have handcrafted; a true heirloom piece that you will pass down through generations. (Fanback style image 5)

Course runs for 7 consecutive days / approx 56 - 60 hours.

Cost:  $1750 

Australian Windsor Chair Workshop :: 4 - 8 November 2020  ::  KYNETON WORKSHOP

Be a part of this five day workshop and take home a timeless chair that you have hand crafted over a week. The 'Australian' Chair was designed by Glen Rundell following his return from a fellowship undertaken in the UK, he looked at both UK and USA influences on Australian chairmaking and arrived at the 'Australian' chair - a smaller side chair perfectly suited for around the table with a mix of English, American and of course Australian influences.

Glen has made many for commissions and this will be the first time a class has been offered with this design.  Participants will be taken through traditional processes using traditional tools like draw knives, travishers  and spokeshaves, using the shave horse, hand carving seats and steam-bending.  At the completion of this five day workshop you will take home a chair that you have handcrafted. (image 4)

Course runs for 5 consecutive days / approx 40 - 45 hours.

Cost:  $1250 

Masterclass - Chair details TBC  :: 23 - 29 November 2020  ::  RESCHEDULED TO 2021

Be a part of this seven day masterclass in chairmaking with one of Australia's finest and highly regarded chair makers and instructors.  Over seven days you will handcraft a very unique chair that will be launched in early 2020. The design suits both contemporary and traditional interiors and would sit well in any style of home, office or study. Participants will be taken through traditional processes such as hand carving the seat to steam bending the crest rail, each back spindle will be hand carved with a drawknife and spokeshave using a shave horse. You will be using traditional tools such as scorpes, draw knives, travishers and spokeshaves and learn how to use hand tools rather than machinery.

For this class, prior experience is necessary, you need to have participated in a chair workshop. There will be some preparation of p[arts prior to the class. The Chair will have a level of difficulty and technique in successfully achieving the design.  At the completion of this workshop you will take home a very unique chair and be one of the first six people to have made this chair. It will undoubtedly become a true heirloom piece that you will pass down through generations.  

Course runs for 7 consecutive days / approx 60 - 70 hours. 

Cost: $2000. (images to come in 2020)  

Lost Trades Workshops 'one day workshops' in Kyneton with traditional Master Artisans. 


COOPERED BUCKET WORKSHOP:  Instructor: George Smithwick :: 2021 dates T.B.A.

Spend a day with George Smithwick, a sixth generation cooper from the renowned Beveridge Coopers and learn the art of making a real coopered bucket, complete with hand beaten and riveted steel hoops and spliced rope handle. At the end of the one day workshop you will take home a beautifully hand crafted traditional bucket and have spent 8 hours learning a traditional trade practised for thousands of years from one of Australia's truly talented craftsman. Cost: $325 and includes coopers lunch, all materials and expert tuition by Mr Smithwick. (max class size 6 people).       


SPOON CARVING WORKSHOP: Instructor: Pete Trott :: 2021 dates T.B.A.

Learn the art of spoon carving with 'spoonsmith' Pete Trott. During the class you will be taught about selecting the right timber, wood grain and carving with a selection of swedish spoon carving knives. All tools are supplied. Course runs for approximately 6-7 hours.   

Cost : $250 - all materials included. Book online via our online shop (link at top right of menu). 

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